First impression is always the last impression. I’m from Bahrain and around six months ago I discovered an issue with my veins and was absolutely clueless as to what was happening to my legs. I was treated for DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), but was not satisfied with the results. With the consultation of many doctors, I was still not convinced on their explanations and procedure. Through thorough research, I came across Dr. Saurabh Joshi, and took an instinctive appointment for consultation due to various positive online reviews. Upon introduction, he diagnosed me and recommended an ultrasound revealing a blockage in my veins. Receiving the reports, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Joshi’s co-operation and took an appointment for laser surgery. He has done a wonderful job and I am deeply impressed, hence considering a second surgery on my left calf, also for the same condition. Undoubtedly, I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from vein-related issues due to his co-operative approach and mindset towards the patient. I express my deepest gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your integrity.
Thank you, Doctor! Prakash


I was suffering from Varicose Veins since 12years. Never met a doctor for this problem. Did a lot of research and came across Dr. Saurabh Joshi. My first visit to him, and I knew he would cure me. So humble, so patient and concentrates on the patient for the given time. Got operated and now recovering well. Whenever I need advice regarding the treatment he is always available. Thank You so much Dr. Saurabh Joshi. Varsha

Dr Saurabh was extremely polite and courteous…a thorough gentleman. I had previously undergone treatment for the same leg with a reputed doctor…but unfortunately the treatment was not explained properly and the suegery was conducted in a hurry. However, Dr Saurabh explained my problem to me in detail and cleared all my doubts. Two and a half months after surgery….I am on the road to recovery. Carol

Dr Saurabh Joshi is friendly he explained in detail about my problem. I all the way came from Jaipur to get the treatment done. I was suffering a lot due to vericose veins. After the surgery I am on my legs I am very Happy about his treatment and would like to refer people who suffer from pain like me. Thank you Dr. I am very happy Rajesh

Dr. Joshi came across as a very patient and understanding person. The manner he questioned was not abrupt. He put you at ease and was reassuring in his response. The way his went about examining was thoroughly professional and his explanation of his findings were in simple terms that I could understand. He was in no hurry to finish with me and see the next patient. My queries were answered, my doubts cleared regarding the laser treatment. I was reassured. He was very helpful in suggesting the hospital and the medical insurance formalities.
On the day of the procedure I felt a sense of relief to see him welcome me in the OT with a handshake and a broad smile. To put me more at ease he asked what music I would like to hear. I felt relaxed and slowly drifted to sleep. I was woken up by his soft familiar voice “Mr. Maurice we are done”. He made sure everything was alright and I was comfortable before he left.
He is a doctor that gives you his undivided attention, professional in his approach but with a human touch Maurice

The doctor was great was an absolute pleasure to have meet with him. We only looked them up on the web browser googled vein treatments and came up with the vein centre called got an appointment sorted our visas and flew all the way from Zimbabwe to Mumbai within five days we got the intravenous laser procedure done all went very well the hospital care was great and here we are back home and all happy.
Thank you so much very assuring and fantastic doctor.☺ Rubina


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