5 Things You Should Know About Removal of Varicose Veins

The treatment of Varicose Veins is different based on the different symptoms, physician’s diagnosis, the weight of the patients, the size of the veins and some skin conditions like swelling, itchiness, ulcers etc.

The treatments include Surgical and interventional treatments by use of technologies like laser, radiofrequency or other technologies.Patient’s care is the most important. Before getting the varicose vein removal done, you should get proper education about the procedure.  Your health and wellness are in the hands of medical professionals, so you should find out about reputed clinic before getting the treatment done.

Health education is, therefore, the most important consideration to avoid any medical misdirection.

You should undergo laser treatment only if you have any one of the following problem:

  1. Bulging Varicose Veins:   They appear as bumpy and uneven patches below the surface of the skin
  2. Leg Pain:  It is caused due to less blood circulation that damages the functioning and causes pain.
  3. Sclerosis:  A symptom caused due to poor circulation, when blood fails to be properly pumped from the lower legs back to the heart.
  4. Swelling and Pain:  Varicose veins can cause swelling and pain.
  5. Skin Ulcers: They reflect the extreme stage of venous disease.  They are caused when venous disease is neglected for a long duration.   

You should consult a doctor for removal of your varicose veins, if any of the above symptoms persist.

If you think, your condition is only superficial, then think before getting ready for treatment and understand the pros and cons of removing the vein. You should request your medical expert that your laser ablation is done on the same day as a phlebectomy to remove the bulging varicose veins.

If your doctor is recommending an ablation inquire about doing a phlebectomy during the same appointment.  An ablation will not improve the appearance of varicose veins alone.

It is recommended to get the procedures done in one session per leg. This is not only cost saving but also reduces the recovery time. Make sure your doctor doesn’t reuse the laser fibers.

If you have varicose veins, you should avoid having sclerotherapy injections.  You should try to get a second opinion before finalizing your treatment.    Some of the clinics may offer you treatment with a heavy cost that is not actually required.  So, it is always good to have another professional opinion to save unusual cost and avoid being cheated.

It is very important to visit an accredited vein center that has a good reputation to get the correct treatment at a competitive cost. There are many vein clinics in Mumbai. You should choose a famous vein clinic like Veincenter, Mumbai to get expert advice from a professional team of vascular surgeons. They will suggest you the best line of treatment according to your condition.  Such a treatment will have long-term effect and ensure your well-being at a reasonable cost.  

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