Why Choose Vein Center for Varicose Veins Treatment?

Varicose veins are bluish and twisted veins bulging on the surface of your skin. These occur in legs generally because of enlarged and weak vein walls and faulty valves. These veins make your arms and legs appear unattractive and can cause constant pain in some patients. To prevent this problem from getting serious and permanent you should seek immediate treatment in the best clinic. If you are searching for a good clinic I will tell you where to get varicose veins treatment in Mumbai: (more…)

Different Types of Varicose Veins

In this article we are going to discuss about different types of Varicose Veins. Before understanding the different types of Varicose veins the basics of Varicose Veins are discussed.

Varicose veins are engorged and inflamed veins – usually blue or dark purple in color – that frequently occur on the legs. They may also be lumpy, stuffed or twisted in the appearance.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Painful, heavy and uncomfortable legs
  • Engorged feet and ankles
  • Muscle cramp in the legs
  • Occurrence of dry skin and color changes in the lower leg

The different types of Varicose Veins are discussed below:

  1. The Greater saphenous varicose veins

Lower end veins consist of deep veins and apparent veins and most of the blood flow in the legs goes back to the heart through these deep veins. Varicose vein generally forms in the shallow veins that cover about 10 percent of the blood flow In the legs. Among the shallow veins in legs, the one that forms varicose veins most commonly is the greater saphenous veins. Greater saphenous vein is the shallow vein that goes up from the inside of the ankle and is connected to the femoral vein in the inguinal region. Varicose vein, which is formed on the main duct and the major branches of the greater saphenous vein is the greater saphenous varicose veins. The area of beginning of varicose vein is lower legs, interior of thigh, outside of lower ends and the back of the thigh.

  1. The Lesser saphenous varicose veins

Lesser saphenous varicose vein is frequently seen next to the greater saphenous varicose vein. Lesser saphenous vein goes up from the outside of Achilles tendon and is linked to deep vein at the back of the knees. The area of beginning of lesser saphenous varicose vein is on the backside of ankle or knees.

  1. The Branch type varicose vein

It is engorged segmental vein that is ramified from the major saphenous vein. Mainly it is seen below the knees and from time to time solitary. Its characteristic is that it is slightly narrower than saphenous varicose vein

  1. The  Genital area varicose vein

It is the varicose vein that happens due to the blood that backflows from the vein in the region of ovary and womb. Accordingly, the condition gets worse when the flow of the blood into ovary and womb augments during menstrual period. When the bumpy blood vessel rambles diagonally from the groin at the back of femur and expands through lower extremity, genital area varicose vein is supposed.

  1. The Reticular type and Web type (spider veins) varicose vein

Reticular type varicose vein is the engorged fine subcutaneous veins in the size of 2-3mm diameter that extend like a mesh. Web type varicose vein is the dilated capillary veins which are finer than reticular type in the size of less than 1mm in diameter, that survive just below the skin. Web type varicose veins are not bouncy like saphenous varicose veins.

Characteristic conditions of varicose vein such as leg fatigue, swell, cramp, numbness as well as pain, are from time to time caused by different diseases.


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