Must Know 7 myths About Varicose Veins

Along with some disease, come the myths related to those diseases. Varicose veins are one of the widespread diseases among both, men and women. Due to these myths, sometimes people misunderstand the disease and face some unwanted situations. From the treatment options to the causes of varicose veins, there are different myths about varicose veins which you must know! These myths are completely false and need to be solved!

Breaking 7 myths about varicose veins:

  • Varicose veins are skin diseases and are a sign of aging

It is true that with aging, the blood vessels get weak and damaged but this does not mean it is an aging sign. Varicose vein is a disease in which, people face swollen varicose veins in legs. In this disease, the blood vessels get damaged and, the blood pumps with a slow speed which can cause swelling and pain in the legs. It is a blood flow issue and not a skin disease.

  • Only women suffer from varicose veins

This is a very common myth among people when it comes to varicose veins. It is true that more women are affected from varicose veins especially during pregnancy but it is not solely observed in women. This is a disease in which swelling is caused due to weak vessels and pressurized blood flow which later causes pain and bulging of veins. Thus, both men and women get affected with this disease.

  • Surgery is the single treatment for varicose veins

If you have heard that surgical process is the only way to fight varicose veins, then you are completely wrong. There is a process known as Laser ablation varicose veins along with different surgeries, compression stockings and natural remedies which are used to treat varicose veins. There are traditional surgeries and new laser surgeries which are used to treat this issue and help in fighting varicose veins efficiently.

  • Varicose veins are always visible

When a person gets affected from varicose veins, the veins bulge up and look swollen. But not in all the cases this is true. In some cases, the swollen veins are not visible in the legs. Swollen dark varicose veins are quite a common symptom of this issue but many people can have varicose veins without these huge lumps visible on the legs. People with non-visible varicose veins can feel the pain, swelling, and aches in the legs and even rashes in some cases. Thus, the swollen varicose veins in legs are not always visible.

  • Crossing the legs can trigger varicose veins

It is quite a common misconception that sitting or standing while crossing your both legs can cause varicose veins. When you sit with cross-legged, there are no issues which can weaken your veins and blood vessels. Crossing the legs, moving them can add some movement for your legs which is actually recommended for people. This improves blood flow and prevents cell damage. Thus, crossing the legs won’t cause varicose veins and will give your legs some movements which are required.

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