Patient Story – Bronchial Artery Embolization

My Story :

I am a 56 yr old otherwise healthy man. I go to office everyday, have a fairly routine lifestyle. About 20 years ago, I suffered from TB and had some medications for it.

I started getting violent bouts of coughing and soon afterwards, I started to cough out blood. I was scared out of my life. My family was terrified. I was coughing cup fulls of blood. Breathing was getting difficult.

I was rushed to hospital. They did a Chest CT and told me that my TB had returned. But my immediate threat was drowning in my own blood ! I went straight to the ICU. The doctors put me on medicines to thicken my blood and my family frantically arranged blood donors.

Just then, I was told about these new type of doctors who would stop my bleeding. I imagined a sort of surgery that would open me up and sew up the bleeding lung. I resigned to my fate. Tried to give the impression of strength but was terrified within. My young son, still in college. My dear wife, what would happen of her ?

These new doctors, Interventional Radiologists came to talk to me and my wife. They told me that a small pipe would enter my arteries from the leg. They would then somehow reach the bleeding in my lung and stop it with something called PVA Particles. This was all so hard to imagine, almost out of a science fiction movie.

Then they wheeled me into the Cath-Lab, a place full of TV screens and equipment that I later found out was a sort of a X ray machine that took real time images.

I was prepared and the doctor put a small needle in my thigh. This did’nt really hurt as much as I had imagined.

From there on it was all very comfortable. They were talking to me all through the procedure, telling me that they had found the bleeding artery and that they had completely stopped the bleeding.

It took about 45 minutes to save my life !

I am so glad that this technology exists and people like me can live healthier lives because of the expertise of these doctors.

I was discharged after 3 days, took my TB medicines for a further 6 months and have not had another bout of bleeding.

I am Alive and this is My Story.