Sanjay, 59 Yr Retired Policeman-Patient Stories

Sanjay, 59 Yr Retired Policeman : My job over the years involved standing for long periods of time. Sometimes over 16 hours a day. This, in addition to unhealthy eating habits caused me to gain a lot of weight and also developed dark patches over my legs and feet. I thought the prominent veins were age related, but my GP did not think so. I was referred to Dr.Joshi’s Vein Center, where Dr.Joshi himself did the Colour Doppler Ultrasound examination and explained the cause of these veins and skin darkening as Varicose Veins. We decided to treat them and EVLT laser procedure was done as a day care treatment. I am very happy with the top class service that I received. I have recommended many of my colleagues from the force to see Dr.Joshi as I feel many more can benefit from this revolutionary treatment.

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