What is Sclerotherapy Costs, Results & Recovery?

Sclerotherapy is the procedure in which a health care professional injects chemicals into smaller veins that damage the inner lining and produce a clot. Furthermore, as the clot is reabsorbed the vessel is permanently obliterated. The choice of the chemical sclerosant agent use of the procedure depends on the size of the vessel treated. The sclerosant damages the innermost lining of the vessel. This is an effective treatment for both varicose and spider veins.

These injections may be painful causing burning or cramping at the area where the shot is given. The results can be seen in few weeks however, multiple treatments may be required depending on the desired results.

What are the Sclerotherapy Costs involved?

The costs are based on several factors that include the number of veins to be treated, how large the veins are if one or both the legs are to be treated, the experience of the treatment doctor and the place where the treatment or procedure is conducted. The cost laser varicose veins treatment, vein removal surgery and natural vein removing treatments are all different. Thus one needs to identify the right treatment that suits the issue and the make a choice.

Is Sclerotherapy an effective treatment, is it safe and does it hurt?

Yes, it is an effective treatment to obliterate or collapsed veins. Other techniques include laser surgery for varicose veins and surgical removal of the veins. To understand whether a treatment is a right choice for the candidate the site of the defective vein has to be identified with its drainage pattern.

How soon does one recover and expect results?

This is an outpatient therapy thus the patient leaves the office on the same day in most of the cases unlike any other varicose laser treatments or surgical treatments. After the treatment, the treated veins tend to fade away within a few weeks and may occasionally take a month to see the complete results. Sometimes looking into the severity of the issue multiple Sclerotherapy may be needed.

Risks and side effects involved in Sclerotherapy:

The risks, side effects and complications include the following,

  1.    Temporary swelling
  2.    Tape compression blisters
  3.    Localised hair growth
  4.    Skin death
  5.    Damage to the nerve
  6.    Migraine headaches
  7.    Changes in the skin colour along the treated vein
  8.    Failure of the treatment to prevent varicose vein returning
  9.    Blood costs damaging the deep vein system
  10.    Itching and bruising

Things one should know about Sclerotherapy:

  1.    It is minimally invasive
  2.    The results may not be immediate
  3.    As it can be treated for both spider and varicose veins
  4.    It does not require a lot of time
  5.    It may need to repeat depending on the severity of the issue
  6.    One may limit the exposure to sun before and after
  7.    One should continuously wear stocking for the prescribed time by the Vein doctor.

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