Self-care tips to prevent Varicose Veins

The flow of blood is what keeps our body running. But sometimes there may arise some problems due to which the blood flow is obstructed. One of such conditions is varicose veins. This can occur in any part of the body but is mostly seen in the legs. There are many valves present in the circulatory system that direct the flow of blood. When the valves get obstructed or blocked then blood is clogged in certain areas. This clogging results in swelling in the respective regions. Such veins are known as varicose veins. The condition is not fatal but can be painful in many cases. Nowadays the occurrence of varicose veins has increased due to the lack of physical activities in our lives. Many other factors are also a cause. So a few preventive measures from experienced varicose veins centers should be taken on our part in order to avoid this unhealthy and painful condition. Some of the tips that can be useful are as follows:-
Do exercise
Body is like a machine. One should not let it be idle for long. Lack of physical exercise is one of the most integral reasons for varicose veins. So exercise is very important to be healthy and fit. The exercise can be a long walk or a thorough workout in a gym. It is naturally seen that varicose veins mostly occur in the legs. So exercises that makes the legs work are more beneficial and are hence recommended. An hour of exercising can do wonders for your whole body.
Body weight management
The legs are like the pillars of our body. They sustain the whole weight of our bodies. Excessive weight can put pressure on the legs and may lead to painful varicose veins. So one should keep a check on the body weight. Overweight individuals will be more prone to varicose veins than others.
Proper nutrition
Diet is also an integral part of one’s life. A diet abundant with nutrition will help a person lead a healthy life. Varicose veins cause swelling. This swelling can be due to water retention. So a diet with high salt content will be more prone to uncomfortable swellings. So the salt level should be monitored and other body requirements should be met successfully.
Wear proper clothes and shoes
Trendy high heels may look appealing but are very injurious to health. The calf muscles are hurt due to heels and may give rise to varicose veins. Tight clothing may also cause the same.
Maintain leg postures
Proper postures are important for the body’s balance. Improper postures will lead to skeletal and nervous problems. Sitting cross legged for a long time is such a habit. This can cause problems in blood circulation. Long periods of sitting or standing should also be avoided.
Varicose veins treatment can be done in vein treatment center but with these little tips one can easily prevent the occurrence of this condition.

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