A Step-by-Step Guide to the Most Effective Varicose Veins Treatments in India

These days, there are several super-specialty clinics and medical centers for treatment of varicose veins and such vascular illnesses. Affecting a lot of people between the ages of 30 and 60; people suffering from this illness will start to gradually develop mobility problems because of interrupted blood circulation to the legs. As lifestyle diseases and problems which manifest due to genetic factors; treatment for health conditions like spider-veins and deep-vein thrombosis is often long-term and gradual. Even with the latest vein treatments like laser surgery and new anti-inflammatory drugs; the overall healing requires long-term disease management even after successful surgery under a good specialist to be sustained for life.

Another very critical aspect of proper varicose vein treatment is the personal care needed, and lifestyle changes a patient has to ensure. Weight problems and high blood sugar are typical conditions that lead to spider veins, especially in those who are already genetically inclined to vascular clotting and blockage. If you find a proper vascular clinic; you will be assessed you on your overall cardiovascular health. Illnesses like varicose veins are symptomatic, and usually, have several causes and related health problems to consider before devising a treatment plan. Since the procedures basically similar, many of the top clinics for treatment of varicose veins also provide treatment for other conditions like brain aneurism, thrombosis, and Varicocele.

Vascular diseases usually have taken a certain period to manifest and can be detected early as visibly discolored spider-veins. Immediate treatment is critical to ensure better healing and recovery. For modern surgical vein treatments; the doctors usually apply two very effective methods, both of which are procedures involving a minimal invasion. These are –

(a) Sclerotherapy: Injecting a special cauterizing chemical foam into the diseased vein, blood flow down the entire tissue is redirected to healthy veins. Eventually, the body naturally absorbs the dead vein tissue; and the condition is further managed with a few types of medication, lower leg pressure garments, and special physiotherapy exercise sessions.

(b) EVLT Laser Surgery: By injecting a laser fiber down the diseased vein, the entire channel is heat cauterized instantly without any effects on any living tissue. This procedure has a 98% initial success, and very sustained positive results! Laser treatment of varicose veins has a comparatively faster healing time than Sclerotherapy and is more effective for chronic cases.


In spite of these advanced medical treatments, any patient undergoing varicose vein treatment needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Varicose veins may be a physical vascular problem, but it manifests from the lack of activity and terrible diet and sleep habits during the younger years. It is very rare for people in their mid-twenties to suffer from spider veins unless they are excessively overweight or have a genetical anomaly. In the age of mid-thirties, haphazard lifestyles begin to cause vascular problems including issues of the heart and skeletal muscles. Varicose vein problems begin to manifest out of such weakened physiological conditions. Luckily, the modern methods for treatment of varicose veins are fast and affordable for most people; and the long-term management only takes sincere personal effort!

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