Deep Vein Thrombosis Mumbai

Deep Vein Thrombosis Mumbai

Deep vein thrombosis is a surprisingly common disease that causes blood clots in the leg veins. These clots can break off and can clog the veins of the lungs and can be fatal.

What causes DVT ?

  1. Prolonged immobilization, a bedridden patient.
  2. Obesity
  3. Lack of exercise
  4. Certain hereditary factors
  5. Syndromes like May-Thurner’s

Do I need treatment ?

  • YES ! , Ilio-Femoral DVT needs to be treated actively by an Interventional Radiologist.

How do I treat it ?

  • All patients with suspected DVT undergo a Doppler Ultrasound to look for the level of DVT, know which veins are affected. If it is an Ilio – Femoral DVT, IR management is advised.
  • We place an IVC filter to strain out clots and prevent them from clogging the lungs.
  • The leg vein is accessed and clots are sucked out via special tubes called catheters.
  • Clot busting medicines are injected right into the clot.

How does an Interior Vena Cava Filter work ?


Very much like your regular tea strainer, just that it is small enough to be delivered with a 2 mm diameter tube and expands to occupy the inside of the IVC when released.

This is one particular type of filter, called Optease by Cordis.


Do I need to take any blood thinners ?

  • Yes, blood thinners to keep your INR between 2 – 3 are a must.

I was told blood thinners are the only treatment, why do we need to treat this way ?

  • Treating Ilio-Femoral DVT by endovascular methods prevents post thrombotic syndrome, which causes a lot of discomfort.


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